Kona Minute (2013)

Kona Minute (2013) Kona Minute (2013) Kona Minute (2013) Kona Minute (2013)

I ran this as a mid drive Electric conversion for just under a year doing the school drop off, commuting to work, shopping, park runs you name it. It performed fantastically in that role until my kids got too big and I upgraded to a bigger bike. Kind of sorry to let this one go, it was great as an e-bike and also rides beautifully in its original form. This is very capable ride that can carry way more than a standard bike but is that much smaller and more manageable than a full size cargo bike. Unloaded it feels like a normal bike and loaded up with Cargo it still feels stable you just have to pedal a little harder. This bike does suit a taller rider the 700c tyres and frame aren’t really suited to a shorter person.

Comes with one of the original panniers (I only got one when I brought it). I can provide a set of stoker bars to attach to the rear seat post for little people to hold on to, I also installed my own foot pegs and wheel skirts for a rear deck passenger. If you purchase a Yuba Soft spot ….


….you can get a child on the back of this up until about the age of 9.

If you want to carry a younger child you could install a Yepp mini on the front or order a deck and adaptor for a Yepp maxi from these guys….


This bike has several upgrades from its stock form. The original 35mm tyres are replaced with 55 Schwalbe big ben’s which give a much cushier ride and handle cargo much better. The brakes have been upgraded to Shimano Hydraulics with much superior performance to the original cable brakes. The narrow and kind of useless centre stand on the original has been upgraded to a much sturdier Ergotech from Omafiats.

Bike has recently been inspected and serviced at Glowworm Bikes in Marrickville it has new rotors, pads and chain (Service report attached).

It has the kind of cosmetic damage you would expect from a nearly 10 year old bike but otherwise runs beautifully.

Inspection and pickup in Marrickville

Price is negotiable

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